Furosemide uses and indications

Today we will talk about Furosemide indications and side effects

Furosemide, sold under the brand name Lasix among others, is a medication used to treat fluid build-up due to heart failure, liver scarring, or kidney disease.
 It may also be used for the treatment of high blood pressure. The amount of medication required depends on the person in question.
 It can be taken intravenously or by mouth. 
When taken by mouth it typically begins
 working within an hour while intravenously 
it typically begins working within five minutes.

Common side effects include low blood pressure with standing, ringing in the ears, and sensitivity to the sun.
 Potentially serious side effects include electrolyte
 abnormalities, low blood pressure, and hearing loss.
 Blood tests are recommended regularly for those on
 treatment. Furosemide is a type of loop diuretic
 that works by decreasing the reabsorption of sodium by the kidneys.

Furosemide was discovered in 1962.
 It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.
 The wholesale price in the developing world is between 0.004 and 0.02 USD per day.
 In the United States it is available as a generic medication and costs about 0.15 USD per day.
 Furosemide is on the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned drug list due to concerns that it may mask other drugs.[
 It has also been used to prevent and treat race horses for exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage.