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One way to determine pricing 

Print, radio, and television advertising are types of marketing, as are direct mail and Internet marketing. Companies that sell via the Internet optimize their web pages, so they appear higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Newsletters, press releases, and articles are forms of marketing used to generate leads and orders. Some companies use referral marketing to increase business, where satisfied customers refer others to a particular business.

More recently, social media marketing is becoming a type of marketing that smart companies can't avoid when it comes to reaching potential buyers, whether it's advertising on Facebook or posting advice on Twitter with links to a website. All told, marketing is anything that informs, interests and gets people to make purchase decisions.  Learn about growth hacking for e is to set it at a level comparable to competitors; that is if the company can recover all associated product expenses and still make a profit. If the company is introducing a new product that has never existed, they must determine how much the consumer is willing to pay for it. Customers will only pay so much for products. Price a product higher, and sales can drop off exponentially.    Promotion pertains to brochures, ads, and information which companies use to generate interest in their products.

For more complex concepts, like spas or computers, companies may promote their wares at trade shows. Promotions usually have two purposes: generate leads for sales reps or initiate actual purchases.    Place in marketing nomenclature is the distribution. It is how and where products are sold. Consumer product companies, for example, sell to wholesalers who, in turn, sell to retailers. In the industrial market, the buying process is longer and involves more decision makers. Some companies also sell products or services on a local level, while others sell nationally and even internationally.

All distribution decisions are part of the overall marketing process.  

The Purpose of Marketing
Business consultant Evan Carmichael's does a great job of identifying the three main purpose of marketing: 

Capture the attention of a target market.  

Facilitate the prospect's purchasing decision. 
Provide the customer with a specific, low-risk and easy-to-take action. 
With these purposes in mind, coupons, sales and even merchandising, or how products are displayed, are part of the marketing process. Since marketing is the cornerstone of every business, the overall objective is to sell more products or services. 

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