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Content summary example
 to their brand, instead of getting straight tshbooks has created a reputation as the champion of the small business owner. They consistently publish high-quality content on their blog for this target audience. On a weekly basis, they share an email send with a roundup of their latest articles.

But Freshbooks knows that their content isn’t the be-all and end-all as far as resources for their audience. So at the end of each weekly email, they include a roundup of curated content from around the web:

content summary example
Curation is an excellent way to add value, without a company needing to devote additional resources to creating content. By presenting your brand’s content as a complete resource (not just your voice, but many), your audience is more likely to come back to you for industry intel, time and time again.

The Best Email Marketing Campaigns
With billions of emails sent each day, it’s hard to focus on just seven of the best email marketing campaigns. But these email share elements that can be applied to any campaign, such as:

Align your message and design with the results of audience testing.
Personalize email elements that aim to creo the point, they take the opportunity to present a deal in an endearing way. The whole campaign is fun and mouthwatering—it would be hard to say no to if you were hungry at the office!

The takeaways here are numerous:

GIFs are the new JPGs. Consider incorporating animated images to get attention and appeal to different types of customers.
Don’t just get to the point. An element of storytelling can be a fun way to get the point across.
Chipotle is hard to resist—especially in animated GIF form, and especially if the idea is floated to you right before lunch.
It’s true, though, that this kind of light, conversational communication might not be the best approach for every audience at every stage of the funnel, but don’t assume it’s not just because you’ve never done it before!

Before you create a list of best practices for your company, test your audience. Send a few of each type of email, and keep your eyes glued on open and click-through rates to see what type of email marketing message converts best. There’s no right answer—it all comes down to testing.

4. Canva: Inspiring and Actionable
This email marketing campaign from Canva encourages engagement by presenting four options for the first step of a new project. The design is very minimal—keeping the reader focused on the task at hand. This almost confrontational approach helps the reader make a decision and get started, rather than putting that idea or task on the backburner—AGAIN!

Canva Email Example

All of that white space strategically increases comprehension by 20%. Canva has a strategic focus and they are not letting up.

An email send like Canva’s could be an excellent email reactivation campaign to win subscribers back after a period of time with no engagement. Is there something you could send by email that represents a pain-free reactivation possibility for customers? Think specifically about your audience’s first step toward reactivation, and incorporate that into an easy email decision-making model.

5. Harpoon Brewery: Making a Personal Connection
Harpoon Brewery is one of many restaurants that uses a subscriber’s birthday as a reason to get in touch. But instead of taking the opportunity to offer a specific discount, they use this email campaign to show their human side.

personal email example

Personalized subject lines alone are 26% more likely to be opened. But personalization doesn’t just have to be limited to a person’s name. The takeaway here? Not every email is about selling. But every email should be about connecting and building a relationship with the subscriber in some way.

6. LinkedIn: Being Human
This particular email campaign invites the recipient to a live software demo with an expert. It makes a personal connection by showing LinkedIn’s human face, with an email signature featuring an actual employee (including a picture). If someone was curious about this particular offering, it would be hard to turn down a walkthrough with an expert who could answer any questions live.

human touch email example

This email repeats the call to action twice, ensuring that it’s impossible to ignore. Furthermore, 80% of marketers’ rate “live demo’s with sales reps” as the most effective way to generate high-quality leads. Whether you’re using a live demo, webinar, or useful content asset—there are multiple ways to leverage the power of this type of email marketing campaign. Don’t forget to add a human element to the email signature, even if it’s a mass email send!

7. Freshbooks: Curating Content
Freate a personal connection.
Leverage content strategically (even if it’s not your own).
Have you recently received an email that made you act, or resonated with you in a unique way? Share your takeaways in the comments below.